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The Lambda Academy has helped 47 eastern hills women this year alone in our 12 week transformation challenge. Now we are offering this INTENSIVE four week program so you are ready for summer! 
There Are Only Ever 100 Members At The Lambda Academy- Most Members Renew After Their Program Leaving Very Few Openings. If This Page Is Online Right Now, Then A Few Spots Have Opened Up...
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At the Lambda Academy we work together with you on your Health, Wellness and Fitness goals. This intensive Four Week Program is suited to kick-start that journey and get you ready for the summer you deserve.
We will outline to you face to face all the tips and tricks for getting the most out of your time on the training floor. Hacks to understanding Nutrition, and the ultimate guide to starting your training program.
All brought to you by our world class trainers.
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The Lambda Academy 
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The Lambda Academy 28 Day Intensive Kick Starter 
Week 1
Week one will get you moving. You will learn the major barbell lifts used  to get the most out of your body. The fundamentals learned this week will set you up for long term success. You will be setting goals and mapping out a plan on how to get there, all with our experts to assist you.  You will find out what calories you need to optimize your workouts and what macro-nutrients you need to fuel your body optimally.  Understand what 
Carbohydrates, Fats and Proteins are and how to unlock their full potential.
Week 2
Week two we are going to delve deep into your anatomy so you can understand the keys on how your body moves.  From here we will expand your skills to training specific areas of your body and start to learn about training splits. Whether movement based or body part based, how to break your week down to cover all the bases and hit every aspect of your body. 
Week 3
Week three is all about programming. This is a huge topic and due to our time constraints this will cover the bare basics but this will set you up for life.  We will delve into the relationships between frequency, volume and intensity, look into over-reaching, super-compensation and how to use your bodies natural capacity to reach goals you never thought possible.
Week 4
Week four the Lambda team will show you how to look after your body and thank it for doing all the hard work. Our athletes will share with you their hacks to a quick recovery, how to bring relief to aches and pains and most importantly how to move forward, injury free. 
Exclusive offer if you Join NOW! 
  • Weights for Women: A champions Guide for Beginners,  by Kat Becker.
  • About this book:  Kat Becker shares her knowledge with you. This book sets out in plain language the step by step process of going from rank novice, to World Champion and how you can do it too.
  • About Kat: Kat is the Owner and Head Coach of the Lambda Academy. She started 8 years ago as a extremely overweight and unhealthy weakling. Through scientific processes, she developed her own training and dieting methodology, scouring resources world wide for the most efficient methods for weight management and strength development. This basics of this knowledge is the basis of the Four Week Kickstarter Program.
  • Lambda Academy T Shirt:  Don't know what to wear to the gym? This shirt!! Let us know your shirt size and we'll deck you out like all the cool kids.
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