A Revolutionary Walk Through Mono-Lift
Want the MOST STABLE, Easiest to Operate Forward Facing Monolift in Australia?
The Best Forward Facing MonoLift on The Market!!
No More Wobble!!
If you are anything like me, you hate the amount of wobble from the gate to the J-hook. So we eliminated it. All moving joints on our machines (except for the main top section hinge) are smooth, tight, rose-joint ends. 
We normally use these on the suspension arms in our racing cars. So we know they are going to last the distance and can take heaps of abuse. 
So no more wobble! 

You can also see we have fast release clips on the safety strap bars. The bars themselves being 22 mm shafting while the J-hook shafts are 28 mm. Guaranteed not to break or bend.
Fool Proof Gate Action
Have you ever had a big weight on your back and the gate operator messes up the order of how to shut the gate? Had you worries there for a minute didn't it? Or worse still they get confused opening the gate and your waiting and waiting? 
Most gates work on a double handle sort of arrangement. Pull this one up or down, then swing the gate open. They don't self lock and they can stress the operator out. 
Ours are nothing like that. They are spring operated to be locked as soon as the gate is back in place. Idiot proof. The opening mechanism is simple. Push the lock open, push the lever. And with two smaller A-frame type legs, the gate operator can see where the lifter is at at all times. This is completely unique in forward facing monolifts.
Ever Lost/Damaged the Jack Handle
We've all been there, the handle for the jack goes walk about, or someone somehow manages to squash the end with the release gap together. Does anyone know how they manage that! 
Well, never again. Our handles are welded on at an angle so they can't be lost, and they can't poke you in the face!
The release mechanism to lower the jack has a handle welded directly to it. The whole mechanism is again attached with rose-joints, so it can move freely in the ways it's meant to, without any leeway for wobble.
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